Updating Your Profile
At some point after you register, you may decide you need to update some information such as your profile photo, bio, password, e-mail address, etc. You may change any of this information by clicking your profile photo in the upper right. Doing do will show a drop-down menu with Profilek, Settings, Edit Profile Photo, and Log Out. If you click on Settings, you will be taken to your Member Control Panel. If you are using a mobile device and you click on any link in the Member Control Panel, scroll down to see the new content that you can then update. If you are on a laptop or desktop, the information will appear to the right.

On the Member Control Panel Page, you will see a drop-down arrow next to Messenger. Click that arrow. This is where you will send and receive messages to other registered members. Your space is somewhat limited, so please maintain this area.

Next, is Your Profile. The drop-down arrow should already show you options. If not, click the arrow to expose them. Each link is self-explanatory. If you click Edit Options in that section, you can change some of your settings. However, we set them at what we feel are the best options for the best member experience. Please note that the default time set is CST, which is the timezone for Wisconsin.

The final section is Miscellaneous with self-explanatory links.